The Djellaba or Jellaba, also written Jelaba with one L, is a long, loose-fitting garment worn by men and women throughout the north african/Maghreb region. 

In Morocco they've got numerous names for it with the main one being Djellaba and then tadjellabit which is a  Berberized form, while in Algeria they would refer to it as Qashaba or Qashabia.


The Moroccan Djellaba has indeed transcended its traditional boundaries to become a globally recognized fashion statement. Its adoption by Muslims in the UK and the US can be attributed to several factors:

  • Cultural Significance: The Djellaba holds a rich cultural heritage that resonates with many people.
  • Versatility: It's seen as a garment that seamlessly blends traditional design with modern fashion sensibilities.
  • Practicality: With its full coverage and typically made of warm materials, the Djellaba is well-suited for the colder climates found in the UK and US.
  • Comfort: The loose fit is comfortable for daily wear and allows for layering in winter.
  • Modesty: It aligns well with the modesty aspects of Muslim clothing preferences.

This widespread popularity underscores the Djellaba's versatility and adaptability to various cultures and climates, making it a unique and fashionable choice for staying warm and stylish during the winter months.


Our djellabas, handcrafted in Casablanca, blend tradition with modern style. They come in both light cotton for warm weather and warm wool for colder days.

In the Berber culture, the color of a djellaba, like dark brown, can tell if someone is single. Our designs keep this cultural touch. These djellabas are shorter and slimmer, fitting for many occasions. They're often worn with a red fez hat and yellow slippers.

Each one has a special hood (qob) that protects from the sun and wind. This hood can also hold small items like bread or groceries. For the summer, we use light cotton, and for the winter, warm wool from mountain sheep. The buttons, made in Bhalil, add a unique touch.

Our handmade djellabas from Casablanca offer a mix of Moroccan tradition and modern comfort.

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